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What is the Essence of Life ?

Lets Live and Lead the Life in the Best Possible Way...!

As Human Beings, Why do we come here ?

What is the purpose ?

What is the Philosophy of life ?

How should we live ?

What should be our Legacy ?

How we synchronise ourselves with Ecosystem of Nature ?

Once Aristotle Said "  What is the essence of life ? To serve others and to do good.”

Realise the Essence of Beingness. Lets Re-visit and  Re-prioritise rest of our Lives on that Basic Fundamental Principle of Life.

As Plato Said " Be Kind, for everyone you meet fighting a hard battle ...."

Learn  and Live to be Human First...!!

Respect the Nature , Its's Ecological Balance and Co-Existence of Other Species.


About Me

Corporate Strategist and Turnaround Specialist

I am a Growth Strategist and Turnaround Specialist with nearly 28 years of  vast experience in Strategy, Operations , Sales and Marketing in B2B Space  . I handled a Business Turnover of Rs.325 Cr ( Approx. USD $ 45 Million ) for FY 2019-20 and currently working as a Business Head in a Business Conglomerate  based in Mumbai , India.


Thorough in  Strategic Planning and Execution, Creating New Markets / Blue Oceans  with Revenue  Accountability . Widely traveled  across the World and visited close to 23 Countries including  Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia , Vietnam , China,  Japan, UAE, Iran, Oman , Qatar, Bahrain , Egypt, South Africa , Turkey , Germany, Italy, Switzerland , Belgium, Netherlands , France, Spain, UK   and USA etc. and also visited Saudi Arabia, Kuwait , Ethopia and Singapore as Transit Countries etc

I have done B.Tech , MBA  and  9 Months Advanced Program in Strategy from Prestigious IIM Lucknow , India and  also have Successfully Completed  ADP  Program from World Famous Wharton Business School, USA.

I am currently living in Mumbai , India .

                                                                                            .... MM Rao



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Purpose of This Blog

Message from MM Rao

This Blog is basically an Informative Initiative to help people to understand a Few Important Topics in Life . This Blog will provide basic information on some of the Great Books, Legendary Achievers, Ground Breaking Concepts, Historic Events, Mesmerizing Places, Personality Development, Personal Wealth Creation  and Greatest Empires etc in a short span of time.


The Primary Purpose of this Blog is  Enhancement and Enrichment of One's Knowledge and  Wisdom, which may lead to Fulfilling Lives and Better Tomorrows.


Approach to this Blog

Guidelines to have better experience with this Blog site :

1.  Please use Laptops or Desktops for better viewing                             experience.

2.  Click the " Blog " in Home Page and Glance  through All 

     Topics   under " All Posts"  and Choose your Choice and

     Start     Reading.

3.  Please remember the Serial Number of the Post, if you want         to revisit.

4.  You can use Search Engine in Blog Section to go to Specific           Topic.

5.  Latest Posts of one or two ( Serial  Numbers with highest                 number )  might be under preparation.

6.  These Posts are written and developed to have a basic idea           or  better understanding of given subject.

7.  Cherish the Joy of Reading and Learning.


“  Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.  ”

                                                                     ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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