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10 . Corona Virus : Lessons for Human Life

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Is it Nature's Wake Up Call for All of us in this Mad Rush of Fast Lane Life ?


We are All Pushed into this Rat Race of Current Days of Competitive Life.....

Is It Time to revisit pattern of our Life and Living.

When, I was doing Engineering way back in 1990-94, I had read a Wonderful Book Titled, " Third Wave " ...By Non-Fiction Author, Alvin Toffler.

He described Human Life in Phases or Waves and I am giving below my version of these Phases or Waves :

1) First Wave - of Human Life - Agriculture Age ( Stone Age - 1700 AD ) .

Stone Age to Agricultural Life...It took Almost a Few Thousand Years to Next Phase of Life.

Life is same all these years of every year.

People are Engaged in Learning Domestication of Animals, Animal Husbandry and Learning Agricultural Methods and Producing the Better Yields.

Developing methods of Construction of Homes or Houses as per the Climatic Conditions of Regions and People spent Life close to Nature with Excellent Immunity to Microorganisms.

Majority of the Human Beings lived in this time with most interdependency and people are practicing human relationships, Ethics and Moral Values among themselves etc.

Though, Life Span is less, people are have lead happy lives with values and morals.

2) Second Wave : Industrial Revolution ( 1700 -1960 ) .

Started at the end of 17th Century with the Invention of Steam Engine by James Watt in 1698 in Great Britain.

That led to Industrial Revolution, Usage of Mechanised Power to move vehicles, Boats or Ships , and Mechanical Movements and Finally Lead to Invention of Various Machines for industrial usage and ultimately to Industrial Revolution.

During this Phase, People have access to Automobile Transportation, Electricity, Motion Pictures, Usage of Power and Mass Production etc...

Education has been given very High Priority.

Teachers are Respected in Society.

Their Position is Third in Order of Respect after Parents,

Who were Moulding the Future Scientists, Doctors, Engineers, Industrial Leaders or Industrialists, Lawyers, Policy Makers and Rulers...etc.

During this period, World has seen TATAs in India, and Andrew Carnegies in USA and Alfred Nobels in Europe etc.

Every Industrial Activity and Scientific Advancement is aimed at bettering the Human Life.

Ethical Values, Morals, Societal Systems and Fixtures are still in Place..

Doctors are serving the Humanity and People are Treating them like Demi Gods....

Great Engineers like Mokshagundam Visweswaraiah in India have Built Modern Temples like Dams, Bridges, Power Plants and Iconic Structures.

In USA, John A.Roebling has designed a Legendary Brooklyn Bridge ( 1869-1883 ) in New York, he died before its completion. His Son, Washington Roebling has Continued the Construction.

Unfortunately, he met an accident in the Bridge Construction Site.He was bed ridden and lost voice too.Then, after sometime, He stated giving Signals to his Wife, Emily Warren Roebling.

Everyday, She used to Decode his Signals and Giving it Engineers and Architects.

They carried out All Construction Activities and Tasks as per his Guidelines and Ultimately completed Construction of Brooklyn Bridge in 1883.

Longest Suspension Bridge at that time in the World.

How many Engineers can Work with That Level of Commitmentand Depth of Devotion Today.

In Present day scenario, How many Spouses have Patience and Attitude to serve their Bed Ridden Life Partners...????

During this time, Modern Medicine increased the Lifespan of People and

Society was still in Order.

This Second Wave lasted for a Few Hundred Years.

3) Third Wave - Computer Age ( 1960 -2000 )

Electronics and Computers have increased face of Communication and Transportation.

So Many Stock Markets Developed across the World...

So many Countries have got Independence , Medicines Developed well,

Western Countries habituated to Fast Foods, Usage of Deep Freeze and Stored Foods...

and Abnormal consumption of Colas and Stored Beverages etc., started taking place..

People started slowly moving into Cult Worships...and

People started forgetting Teachers,

Education has been Extremely Commercialised...

Value for Teachers, Doctors and Engineers had slowly started diminishing....

Mobile Phones have started taking over Human life...and

Competition has started in Everyday Life...

This Third Wave lasted almost Four Decades.

4) Fourth Wave - Internet Age ( 2000-2020 )

# Posts and Telegram Services have been replaced by Emails and Smart Phones...

# Digital Currency has slowly started in place of Paper Currencies ..

# Internet Banking and ATMs have started against Traditional Banking aggressively....

# Human contact slowly started Diminisihing among People..

# Human Values and Ethics have taken Back Seat and started getting Eroded...

# Abnormal Rise in Corruption and Crimes Rates.

Anthropologist, Suratwala of TATA Trusts, said, " When People become Prosperous, Interdependency will be reduced and fine qualities of Humans will become blunt ...."

# Teachers have been replaced by Educational Apps ( Byju )...

# Hospitals and Education Corporatised..

# There is No Respect for Educated Teachers, Doctors , Engineers and Others Serving Society.

# People lost Warmth and Affection Among Themselves..

# Some Countries like Luxemburg have reported 80% Divorce Rate...

# God's Worship, Spirituality and Yoga Commercialised...

# Commerce has entered Every Facet of Human Life..

# Social Media Emerged ...

# Negativity and Stress Abnormally developed.

Both Media and Social Media have started worshipping False gods.

$ Vijay Mallya - King of Good Times...

$ Nirav Modi - Diamond Tycoon..

$ Rana Kapoor - Ace Banker..

And Surprise....!!!

$ Not only Millionaires, But Billionnaires started Committing Suicides.

1. VG Siddharth - Coffey Coffee Day

2. Jeffrey Epstein - Committed Suicide in New York Jail for Child Trafficking and under age Girls Abuse Cases.

At the end of Second Decade of New Millennium.

# Society has become Market and Money has pushed back Every Ethical Institution , and It has become the Ultimate Goal of Every Human Endeavour.

Circa Dec 2019

A Deadly Virus called Corona has erupted in Wuhan in China...with No Definite Curable Medicine or Vaccine to Control it.

Wrecking the Entire Human Life and pushed entire Human Community into Helplessness inspite of Our Advancement in Science and Technology.

Now, Whole World is Under Attack from this Deadly Tiny Virus...

We are left with No Choice but to observe Social Distancing, Self - Quarantining etc. of Preventive Measures.

Quarantining Regions.

Locking City after City.

State after State...Country after Country...Whole World and Earth are Locked up for One Tiny Virus Called Corona....

It Crippled Whole World and We are Grappling with this Disaster now.....

This Virus United the Whole Human Community and All of us and Whole World is Racing Against it and trying to Invent Medicine and Vaccine..

Is it a Wake Up Call for All of Us ...??

Its true that, Glaciers Melting down one by one across the world.

Some of the Species have vanished...

Global Warming is in rise...

Some of the Rivers, Lakes and Ponds are dried up...

In Totality, We have abused the Nature and its Resources and Threatened the Co-existence of Other Species ....

Conclusion :

1. Respect Human Beings, not the Things and Money and Don't Disturb Ecological Balance of Nature, Otherwise, You have to face Nature's Fury in One form or Other..

2. Respect the Teachers, Doctors , Engineers , Policy Makers, Other Service Providers and People with Values and Ethics..

3. As a Human Beings, We All are Alike, Be Compassionate and Value the Human Life over Greed and Money.

4. Share your Fortunes with Other People, who are in need. Everyday Millions of Kids Die in Infancy due to Malnutrition and lack of Food...

5. When We Die, We never carry anything along with us.

6. Be Grounded and mingle with Fellow Community Members.Slowdown the Fast Life and Live the Normal Stress free Life.

7. Money cannot Save you from Corona Virus, But People Can....

This Corona Commotion may settle down in a few Months and Life will be back to Normal.

Be Positive and Take Care of You and Your Loved Ones.

Lets All stay together and united in prevention of spread of this deadly Virus...

In Essence, When, Life is back to Normal, Be Empathetic and Compassionate to our fellow Human Beings and Other Species as well.

Respect the Nature's Ecological Balance and Co-Existence of Other Species.

MM Rao


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