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4. Demonetisation and Economic Environment in India and Manmohan Singh

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

This Article is published in Facebbok on 27th September 2019.

It's Irony that, It took such long time to know that, We lost Great Economic Visionary and replaced by Narendra Modi. Each and every word is Clear and Prophetic.Mr.Modi and his Coterie of fundamentalists brought our Indian Economy to it's knees and now, we landed in a mess, which may take years to clear. Yesterday's Yashwant Sinha's article in Indian Express is true in every letter and spirt.

Modi's inexperience costed all Indians in a big way. We lost Raghuram Rajan. They have even fabricated the GDP Calculations and Statistical Methods, Indian's GDP is not 5.7, as per old method, It's 3.7. What a man made calamity, this is for India.

Whole unorganized sector and Real Estate, which provides maximum employment for semi-skilled and unskilled rural Indians gone for toss and they are in doldrums. Sector after Sector are failing, ill conceived GST and its poor implementation has put the brakes on overall Economy.

FIIs are withdrawing from Indian Stock Markets and it's a clear sign that, They lost confidence in Our Economy.

Income Tax Dept and Other Taxmen are after the blood of common man and Business Firms, inciting the fear in the minds of the people and putting all of us under guilt conscious.

We require a legend like Manmohan Singh to save our Economy like he saved and paved the Road to India's prosperity in 1991. His level of Intellect and wisdom of Economy is the need of the Hour.

Let God save India from inexperienced people and let's hope for Better Tomorrows.

You can hear Dr.Manmohan Singh Speech on Demonetisation at :


MM Rao

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