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88. New Education Policy 2020 - Very Retrograde and Repressive Policy, May lead to Dark Ages...!!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

My Views on New Education Policy 2020 :

1. Removing English from Primary Education seems to be disastrous as Whole World has accepted English as International Language...India is fortunate have English Advantage Globally.

2. No one needs to promote Mother Tongue, as It will automatically learnt and spoken as its happening for Centuries....There are so many languages survived without script too...Whether IAS Officers , Bureaucrats and Politicians , Who drafted this Policy will send their Children to Govt.Schools without English Education.

3. In India, Education has been already Privatised and Corporatised and Encouragement of Foreign Universities further fuel this gap and Lead to Social Unrest and Societal Disturbances...The Rich anyway send their children to Foreign Countries.

4. What will happen to Poor and Underprivileged Sections... Naturally, they cannot afford English Education and Poor people remain as poor forever as they are left with 2nd and 3rd Grade Jobs and Manual Jobs.That means 47 Crore of Indian BPLor Poor Population remain there forever, as neither they can have English Education in Govt.Schools , nor they can afford Higher Education in Private Institutions.....This leads to Secterian Society and This NEP 2020 seems to be aimed to Degrade and Down Grade Poor Classes of All communities and particularly BC, SC and STs.

5. Government Seems to be adopted British Policy of Divide and, Large Population is under unrest and Civil Disturbance and how it leads to Peaceful and Harmonious Society...Are we ready for What happened to Germany after Nazi Movement...Just 45 Years of Extreme Suffering...!!

Kindly watch the Critical Analysis of NEP 2020 by Shekar Gupta in below Video :

6. Down the line, They may bring some other Policy to Downgrade Women Position in Society as well very soon, in one way or other.... as Some Political Parties are always against Women Empowerment.

7. This Education Policy 2020 should be debated and then only should be implemented... Otherwise,

This NEP 2020 should not be implemented in its Present Form as it seems to be Anti-Constitutional, denying fundamental rights to learn International Language and some Utility Languages of Bread Winning.

If they want, then Rich and Elite should teach thier Own Children the Native and Oriental Languages without English....No One will stop you, but dont impose on the people.

In fact, They must set an Example by sending their Children and Grand Children to Govt Schools without English, Instead of US, Europe and Posh Elite Boarding Schools in India.....Prove and Show Those benefits of that Education to General Public in One or Two Decades, then Decide on this NEP 2020.

Earlier they Divided based on

# Religion # Now based on Rich and Poor, and Upper Castes and Lower Castes.. # Later based on Gender, ie.between Male and Female.

Another Analysis of NEP 2020 by Prof. Yogendra Yadav


Racial Discrimination at Glance :

Unfortunately, In Some Countries, 5-10 % of Right Wing Nationalists determine the Fate of the Nation because of their Financial Muscle and Dogmatic Doctrines.....Even, They discriminate against their Own Community, if they are poor....!!

Even Indians are considered as Colored People in USA and in some European Countries and Face discrimination even today like Blacks....

What is Plight of Lakhs of Indians in Middle East...Just ask anyone....They will tell the Story after Story...Endless Stories...How Arabs treat Indian Workers and Women....What is level of Discrimination, they are facing there....Just Silently bearing Everything.....!!

We all can recollect, How whole World Outraged against White Racist Americans after death of George Floyd recently in Minneapolis in the hands of a few White Policemen ....!!

When Civil Unrest and Disturbances takes place, No One will be safe, No matter, whoever You are ....!!

Govt Policy Makers must Predict and learn from Past Experiences and must devise Policies to Progress of the Society and to contain any Civil Disturbances....!!

Whole Policy Frame Work should be equipped and carried out in the Light of Analysis, Truth, Debate, Checks & Balances and Inclusive Approach, Not Divisive Approach .

Govt Must Contain the Extremists and Right Wing Nationalists, Otherwise, Situations spiral out of Control....We will be inviting Troubles and Unrest...leads to Anarchy in the Society...!!


Govt. Or Political Class Want to Strive and Thrive Based on Divisions , ie. British Policy of Divide and Rule...

Too Many People are testing the Resilience of India...Earlier Muslims, later British....Now, This New British Govt...!!..Just Divide and Rule....!!!

In Nutshell, Govt. Education Policy should equip the Citizens to Face the Healthy Competition in Global Markets against Americans, Germans, Japanese and Chinese etc and prepare Sundar Pichais and Satya Nadellas , Not to take us back to 17th and 18th Centuries of Repressive Societies and Dark Ages etc.

Now, We are living in 21st Century and Social Media Era...Whatever, People do in their Dark Rooms and Secret Meetings, People come to know in Real Time....!!

How many of us will send our Children to Schools without English Education today...!!.

Then, Why Govt. has to deprive the English Education to Poor, Downtrodden and Under Privileged Sections of Society.

Now, It seems, we are living under New Age Indian British Raj...!!

Epilogue :

What happened to Migrant Workers after Lockdown :

Estimated 10-11 Cr. Of Poor Migrant Workers of All Communities have walked to their Native Places from Cities in India...Largest Migration after Indian Independence...

What Govt. has done for these people..... and simply left for their Fate...

If this kind of Tragedy and Suffering happen to Big Business Houses or Corporates...What will be the reaction of Govt and Media...You will get Package after Package...and They will Buy Private Flights and Yatchs...!!

Or Just imagine for yourself...!!

Even Govt. treated Poor Migrant Workers as " No Ones " in India.

Its just to provide the Voice to Voiceless in this Platform....!!

MM Rao


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